Saturday, July 23, 2005

Trumping the U.N...


As I listened to Hugh play a taped excerpt of Donald Trump speaking with Congress today, I was astounded by what I was hearing. Trump was enlightening Congressman of The Senate International Security Subcommittee about the United Nation's plans to spend 1.5 Billion dollars to renovate their Headquarters in New York. Now, I have never been a fan of Mr. Trump the celebrity, so I had nearly forgot about Mr. Trump the real estate developer. I heard him articulate details about design, renovation, unit prices, budgets, construction, the building trades and real estate. He lectured the Congressmen with an acute degree of honed professional expertise. My admiration of this man grew tremendously. Working in the industry myself, I deal with people like Trump all of the time. They are down-to-Earth, market veterans who have a profound understanding about the environment in which they exist... as precisely as a wolf knows its particular allopatry. These men and woman have earned the positions that they occupy through ability and experience which have yielded them respect and authority. They genuinely know what they are doing. And when they speak, as Trump did today, they know what they are talking about. So, the contrast in the scene that Mr. Trump was illuminating could not have been more astonishing. The people at the United Nations are, as Trump suggested, grossly incompetent, or worse.

My involvement with the United Nations began with a letter, which I will give to the committee, from the Ambassador to the United Nations from Sweden. And it's a long letter, and a very beautifully written letter, and essentially, he read an article about the success of Trump World Tower, which is the building that I can show you, right here, which is, as you can see, very, very substantially taller than the United Nations, bigger than the United Nations. And he read an article in the New York Times, saying that the building cost approximately $300 million dollars to build. So, he wrote me a letter, and ultimately called me, and said is it possible that that building cost $300 million dollars, because it just seems so much bigger, and so much better, and so much more expensive, and so much more luxurious. And how could you have done that for $300 million dollars, when, at that time, Senator, they were talking about $1.5 billion dollars to renovate the United Nations. And this was around December of 2000. And I said well, there's only two reasons. Either gross incompetence, or something far worse than that.
Now, I would not presume U.N. personnel to be experts on real estate development, in New York nor elsewhere. It is not exactly their area of responsibility as dignitaries of a worldwide deliberative body of nations. But, then neither would I expect a Hospital, University, or Software manufacturer to know such things either. And yet, the clients with which we deal are represented by extremely competent staffs who understand their own functional requisites, and budgetary limitations. They study the conditions in which they operate, and understand how they relate. And most of all, they know that what they don't know must be known prior to action being taken in that area. Information is the lifeblood of market economies. And it, like everything else can be purchased if needed. Their economic fecundity depends on them getting the best work possible for the best price available. And if you are an entity - any entity - operating in that environment, you must have the information you need to make sound decisions. Clearly, those in charge of the U.N.'s project to renovate their headquartes have absolutely no idea what they are doing, unless corruption is their specialty and intent. And judging by what we are learning about the U.N. regarding the Oil For Food scandal, perhaps this particular white elephant is just another attempt to line the pockets of elaborate bureaucratic grifters with the wealth of hopelessly charitable fools.

Radioblogger has posted the transcript of the testimony and it can be heard in its entirety, at this link. Since American's share of the building's repairs are expected to cost 600 million dollars over the next 30 years, I encourage everyone to read or listen to Mr.Trump's assessment, because it should become an historical document with profound significance on many levels. Essentially, his exchange demonstrates the virtue of Capitalism against the degeneracy of Socialism. A corrupt class of so-called public servants operating in a vaccuum of self-importance squander the efforts of production for the hubris of altruistic vanity disguised as virtue. It is a Capitalist professional engaging Marxist charlattans in an arena where they historically fail to perform... reality. And the Marxists have the nerve to label the Capitalist a 'Robber Baron.'

They (the U.N.) are in fact the robbers. That is afterall, Mr. Trump's ultimate point regarding the organization itself. It is a scandal in any regard... one of supreme stupidity or insidious corruption. And it must be remedied immediately.

Why, for instance, would the United Nations be attempting to dump in excess of 700 million dollars into New York State prior to the 2008 Presidential Election? Let your imagination be your guide... and start your thinking with the letter, H.

The United Nation has become as rotten as its headquarters building. It will take far more than 1.5 billion and a new shiny skin to correct. And although Mr. Trump admits to being a 'very big fan' of the U.N. in theory, the body in fact, must be renovated or demolished forthwith, lest it continue to subject its many other endeavors to similar reprehensible procedures. Yet since it is extremely unlikely we will see the U.N. dissolved in the near future, let us at least insert a representative of the United States into that body who might infect it with a degree of competence similar to that expressed by Donald Trump.

Senators! If you did not catch the gist of what you were being told today, let me reiterate the point...

Confirm John Bolton, now!!


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