Sunday, July 31, 2005

What Is Being Left - v.11.0...


In her first novel, Mrs. Rowley introduces Harry Potter to the Mirror of Erised. Relatively innocuous by Hogwarts' standards, the ornate furnishing merely shows the person peering through it, their greatest heart's desire. The happiest person in the world, in fact, would see nothing more than their own reflection. But, the one who covets things they do not have or obsesses over a life that is not, risks staring into that void for an eternity, longing for the spectral delusion of its fallacious promise. They squander existence for want of that which cannot be.

Many of my neighbors still display their Kerry-Edwards 2004 yard signs and bumper stickers. Nearly one year after the climax of the campaign, the spectral delusion remains. If that weren't sad enough, on an adjacent street, another neighbor put up a fresh new Kerry-Edwards sign this week. It seems as though more appear daily, but one thing is certain ... they are not going away. Just what message are these Democrats intending to convey? In an area of the city dominated 3 to 1 by that political persuasion it hardly makes sense, the desire to assert a default position with such obstinate furor. Its almost as if they are really attempting to convince themselves that America is still in the midst of the 2004 election season, and all that has happened since, is a surreal illusion soon to vanish when the clock radio severs REM for NPR.

The illusion affects Congress even now, deluding members of the Senate to upend over 200 years of civic tradition with regard to Executive appointment procedures set forth in 1789. For what is being Left in the Senate, this particular President simply cannot be allowed to exist... in any way.

In the mind's eye of what is being Left, the election of President George W. Bush in 2000 was a fraud. It did not happen because it should not have happened. In 2004, Bush's election was an illusion. It did not happen because it could not have happened. The existence of George W. Bush is an image on a splinter of the devil's mirror piercing the mind's eye of what is being Left. And they desperately want that image gone. It has become a consuming desire that haunts their very being. Just visit Yahoo and type "Impeach Bush." Google "Hate Bush." Or drive through S.E. Portland along Clinton, Division or Hawthorne. You will see exactly what I mean.

What is being Left is wasting away before the mirror.

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