Monday, July 25, 2005

She's Back...

Jane Fonda's Anti-War Bus Tour

Mr. Atos

Running on vegetable oil and vitriol, Jane Fonda plans to ressurrect her unconsionable history for a generation who may not even know how degenerate this third-rate, has-been actress has been. From this morning's AP,
SANTA FE, N.M. - Actress and activist Jane Fonda says she intends to take a cross-country bus tour to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq.

"I can't go into any detail except to say that it's going to be pretty exciting," she said. Fonda said her anti-war tour in March will use a bus that runs on "vegetable oil." She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter.

They plan to return to the Santa Fe area, where she was promoting her book, "My Life So Far" on Saturday.

Prompted by a question from the audience, Fonda said war veterans that she has met on a nationwide book tour have encouraged her to break her silence on the Iraq war."I've decided I'm coming out," she said.

Hundreds of people in the audience cheered loudly when Fonda announced her intentions to join the anti-Iraq war movement.

"I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam," she said. "I carry a lot of baggage from that."

I submit that Mrs. Fonda has not seen 'baggage' like that with which she will be burdened on her return from this latest ill-conceived moral fiasco. Not much more can be said to denigrate this woman than has already been established, and most appropriately been said, so there is little need to pile on. Nevertheless, if this particular carnival fails to satisfy her crises of eternal self-loathing, perhaps she can next visit with Baathists butchers in Fallujah, where her new friends can photograph her actually cutting off the head's of her countrymen.

What would be the difference then or now?

Enjoy the drive across your selective heartland, Mrs. Fonda. My buckets of garbage and rotten vegetables will be here fermenting just waiting for you.

Update... From Major Mike

I extracted this from the comments board, because his words on this issue should speak for themselves.

There is no more reviled anti-military personality than Jane Fonda. Her Vietnam antics, which directly translated into additonal torture and abuse of American POWs, is not only NOT forgotten by the Vietnam era military types, but they are known by all who serve today. Just as Marines remember Dan Daly and Chesty Puller, they remember Jane Fonda...obviously in the opposite light and with little regard...sometimes I am the master of the understatement. She is roundly HATED for her is anti-military not anti-war, rhetoric. History may never sort out the true effects of the anti-war movement during Vietnam, but rest assured the Islamafacists view her ilk as part of their team. Their only path to eventual victory includes a rising and effective anti-military swell in this country. This must not happen. They cannot be allowed to gain any momentum through our homegrown, nearly illiterate, acting crowd, who cannot probably muster one college degree within the totality of the SAG.

Jane Fonda must be stopped cold. Her bus must be greeted with the massive disdain it deserves. She must be halted at stop number one, if not sooner. She must be met and confronted by warriors of all types. Her egocentric, surgified persona must be vigorously persuaded to abandon her road trip...if she comes to your town, shut her down. This is why the VFW, The Legion, AmVets, etc. exist, not simply to tell war stories and drink beer. Protect your honor and reputation...protect this country...shut her down!!!

Don't let her bus into your town. If she shows up, blockade it. If she speaks, drown her out. Do not let her get traction. Make her turn her vegamite burning Winnebago around and head back to Hollywood. This egocentric has-been would hand this country over to terrorists, if it gave her just five more minutes in the spotlight. Make her aware of your anger, and your ill feelings toward her...don't let her in the ring for round two. MM

Bravo, Sir! ... Indeed.

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