Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America Rolls Over, Falls Back To Sleep


Yesterday America rolled over and went back to sleep, ignoring lessons of history.

Earlier in the evening, America was awakened by the sound of breaking glass downstairs, followed by a crazed man shouting, in Arabic, "I'm coming to kill you, infidel! Allah hu akbar!" In spite of the imminent threat, America returned to their slumber, inexplicably relishing their recurring nightmares of guilt over their gay brother not being able to get married, their sister's Parkinson's-induced tremors, their thermostat being turned up higher than their neighbors' thermostats, and the neighborhood *seeming* a little warmer than usual.

Will we wake up before, or after, we have been beheaded?


Major Mike said...

After...well after. MM

Mr.Atos said...

In other words... never! Fate has a way of making certain that a people get exactly what they deserve. No Man may be larger than his virtue. It will shrink to fit... a noose.

Mr.Atos said...

correction! I meant to say, no man may be smaller than his virtue.

That goes for a people.

Boghie said...

The Spartans are way over there!!!

Bring the boys back home!!!

Peace in our time!!!