Monday, November 13, 2006

Simple Question

Major Mike

Will the Dems, and the MSM wing of their machine, continue to count the daily deaths that occur in Iraq after they force our premature withdrawl? ala Vietnam. Will they be more? or less?

Vietnam reeducation. Will they be posting pictures such as these? Adding up the toll, and calculating the death rates...pre- and post- US withdrawl? Don't bet on it.

Killing fields. Cambodia.

Be frustrated. Look for better solutions, but don't forget...regardless of the price we pay here at home...with the best that this country has to offer...our sacrifices pale in comparison in what lies ahead should we abandon the brave citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. People who are dying to carve out Democracies where none had previously existed.

So, when Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha are driving the Democrat agenda, who is paying for their "popularity" and "message?"

The citizens of Irag and Afghanistan. Those who will soon find out what it is to experience a taste feel and sense its promise...only to have that promise subverted, by a Clintoesque class of politician that find benefit in sapping the strength of America in favor of the polls. By a class of politician who hold their narcisstic drives for addulation and power, above those who choose democracy over religious extremism.

Sadly, they will be abandoned by America, at a critical juncture in their quest for freedom. And again, we will be viewed by the world as a pitifully weak and self-absorbed culture that is no longer capable of bearing the cost of supporting democracy and equality world wide. It is a shame that will overwhelm my 20 years of service to this country.

Courage America...promoting and sustaining democracy is worth the not let Pelosi and Murtha pull us into another 30 years of shame.

© Michael McBride 2006


Mr.Atos said...

If America submits to another Era of shame, it will not be the fault of Pelosi or Murtha, anymore than Vietnam's was the fault of Kennedy or Kerry. They are simply the Charlattans of American politics. We are the one's who choose to purchase their miserable wares... squandering our highest virtue.

Ultimately WE are to blame for surrendering our honor to their incompetence and chronic self-loathing.

And we will deserve what we get for that failure. Sadly, however, you and your brethren DO NOT deserve that shame. And we dare never have the nerve to ask you to bear it again.

As for the MSM, they ARE guilty.

dueler88 said...

I can't help but sense a vibe that, in spite of "America has spoken" about Iraq, we all understand, regardless of political affiliation, the dark road on which we are about to embark. In spite of how important it is to be optimistic and "stay on offense" in the GWOT, we somehow thought it was important enough to clean house in the Legislature that we willingly gave the keys to the foreign policy bus to rank amateurs.

We always get the government we deserve. But this time, as we all somehow understand, things are different. For those of us that don't underestimate Islamic Fascism, we KNOW what's coming and are girding ourselves for it. Those that DO underestimate Islamic Fascism have a *sneaking suspicion* of what's coming and would prefer to, like Scarlett O'Hara, "think about that tomorrow."

But it's not stopping.