Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Backing My Prediction v4.0...Murtha vs. The Moderates

Major Mike

Nancy Pelosi further cemented the destiny of the 2008 Democrat National Convention when she selcted John Murtha for House Majority Leader...Michelle Malkin has the complete coverage with her Nov 15th psoting...the moderates (?), including the WaPo Democrat string pullers began to stir the pot further when they publicly expressed their disatisfaction with Pelosi's Left-wing, cut-and-run selection, ultra-liberal, Murtha...and another grenade was planted today by General Abizaid when he bluntly counseled the Senate in testimony today on Iraqi Operations, and clearly defended current troop strengths.

" "It seems to me that the prudent course ahead is keep the troop levels about where they are," Abizaid told the committee. "

Also rejecting calls for a phased troop reduction was Ambassador David Satterfield, the State Department's senior adviser on Iraq.

"It would be interpreted as a withdrawal of U.S. support," Satterfield told the committee

So, the forces that will determine whether the Dem National Convention will be collegial or not, are in place...and it is looking like the extreme left will be pulling with all its might, the moderates will become frustrated, the MSM will try to influence with their slanted pulpit, and the war in Iraq...the war agianst terrorism...will still be a factor, so I come to the same conclusion...the Dean's and Pelosi's, backed by the Kos Kids, fueled by the even farther left anti-war crowd, will be discouraged by the centrist Dems who will move to the middle, and the vocal support they will get from the MSM...this friction will cause the Dem Convention to be a raucous and memorable affair. is not too late to withdraw your bid.

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