Monday, November 06, 2006

Election 2006 - Two-Minute Warning...


With less than 24 hours to go to this year's mid-term elections, one could say the two-minute warning has arrived. Both sides GOTV special teams are mobilized and deployed. The Candidates are out looking for critical yardage. And the fans are cheering and jeering and gripping tightly to their seats. Some are throwing beer bottles and chunks of ice, however.

This time, two years ago, Democrat election operatives were sharpening their blades.
Remember, Wisconsin? This year, their efforts seem to be a little more sophisticated, if no less sophomoric. Free-Republic and Michelle Malkin are tracking a dirty trick campaign in Ohio. No doubt, one of many to come. And let's not forget about ACORN's Missouri registration scandal already uncovered this year. Or that previous discovery in Ohio a stash of some 300 completed Democrat absentee ballots. No doubt one of many such caches, there and across the country waiting to be harvested for effect. It sparks memories of King, County Washington, does it not?!

But, Chris Matthews is still smiling big this morning. Funny thing for an objective observer and reporter of News. Once a Democrat operative, I guess, always.

John Kerry, on the other hand, is surely not smiling this week, having un-officially, but most certainly
ended his political career last week. Of course, Massachusett requires little more of its Congressional representation than clumsy arrogance wrapped in the skin of a big D. So, he can remain ensconced on his subsidized rump until such time as fate renders him with more postumous significance than he ever had in life.

And as for fate, Saddam Hussein is also not smiling this morning. Determined as he was - he and his lawyer, Ramsey Clark - to pander to the sensibilities of the American Left, no manner of outcome on Tuesday will reverse his fate at the loop of a hemp-woven moral imperative. The people of Iraq are no-doubt smiling about that.

Regardless the outcome of this playoff, Democrats are prepared in advance to attack the referee and challenge the results... as has become their normal pattern with every election since 2000. Theirs is a new era of Liberty... Democracy by litigation. "Vote for us, or will sue you," is their mantra for this 21st century Republic.

This game is on.

First and 10 on the 50 yard line. The wind has shifted downfield.


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