Thursday, November 09, 2006

Backing My Prediction v3.0

Major Mike

***Update: 1140 PST, 11/9/2006 Some people are looking for a physcial confrontation like here (Nov 8, 2006, 8:07 pm post), here, here, here, and on and on. I detect a trend...leftie peace lovers and violence... I hope the Dems are working on their security plan.***

A couple of other factors that will fissure the Dem Pary in time for their National Convention in 2008.

Bobby. This film...regardless of how historically accurate, will introduce to a new generation to the Robert Kennedy story. This will necessarily include the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and those events combined, it will infuse an new generation with a sense of frustration and loss, while they observe the shallow and vapid in action in Congress. They will be looking for more than a "suit." They will be looking hard.

They will be looking for a white knight... a lift them above the malaise and toward the promises of liberalism...economic equality, true "social" security through governmental care and programmatics, and into the Great Society where the simple "will" to get along ensures peace, and all act toward the common good, and evil is vanquished by the light of this Great Society.

They will, of course, be disappointed in the machinations of the Dem Party, and frustrated when the quadrennial appearance of their savior is thwarted by the rigidity of the Party, and that they will be going forward with a mediocre candidate that is incapable of meeting the comparisons to St. John and St. Bobby. They will be angry, and they will not go quielty into the night.

The Imposters. Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has declared his intentions to run for the Democrat nomination for President in 2008. This is only the beginning of a series of lesser candidates that will muddy the process for the annointed few...Hillary, Slow Joe Biden, Kerry (yes he will still run, for a while anyway), Gore (who thinks his green-ness will boost him to the nomination). Along the way, these imposters will build loyalists who will not easily be placated by empty Party promises.

Vilsack shrewdly leverages his popularity in an early primary state, forcing others into the race prematurely, and throwing the best laid plans of traditional campaigners out of their robotic approaches, and into early gyrations that will cause friction and acrimony. Vilsack, because of his early delegate count, will have to be dealt with, and it is unlikely that Iowans, who love their place in the selection process, will let their favorite son be swallowed up by the party machine without a fight.

The convention floor will be home to more "moves" than the NBA All-Star game.

And don't forget far left will the potential candidates have to go to get the nomination? The more to the center they stay...the more chance for social unrest there is. The Dem convention will be nasty. Stay tuned.

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