Thursday, November 16, 2006

Backing My Prediction v4.1...A House Divided...

Major Mike

***Update: Looks like the Kos Kontingent isn't real happy about their new majority leader.***

The Dems have now started pulling against themselves...electing Steny Hoyer over John Murtha as majority Leader. As predicted, by my brillant selfness, as the Dems eye the 2008 Presidential Prize...they will HAVE to move somewhat to the middle...what will the Kos Kidz have to say about that? The eco-alarmists? Howard Dean? Jon Carey?

While the Republicans have their own problems trying to go in a gnu directions with an old goat, the Dems seem intent on detonating a block of C4 directly under their most vulnerable fissure. Pelosi demonstrated how un-political she was by endorsing Murtha before making sure she had the votes...this is like giving the Kos Kidz one lick on an ice cream cone, then taking it away. This Murtha-gyration did irreparable harm to the Dems infrastructure...the damage to which will become apparent at the 2008 Convention.

Put the Convention down and back away...while you still can.

© Michael McBride 2006

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