Thursday, November 02, 2006

What Is Being Left - Suicidal Obscenity


When I was in High School, several students from the varsity football team devised an hillarious if not off-color Halloween joke. Three black students dressed in white sheets and hoods chased two white students painted in black face, around the campus on October 31st. It was a very funny exercise in irony and satire. Nevertheless, all five students were escorted off campus and duly suspended.

You see, some things exist beneath the decency of playful dismissal. Violent intolerance is one of those things. And whether it be the whimsical portrayal of 19th century racist hoodlums, or 21st century fanatical butchers, The great University of Pennsylvania seems incapable of the same level of decent propriety excercise by a simple High School in Central Texas.

Such is the condition of the septic stew that is what is being Left.

This story comes to us compliments of The Democracy Project, HT: Hugh Hewitt.

University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann threw her annual Halloween costume party at her home Tuesday night. Among the guests was Saad Saadi, who came dressed as a suicide bomber, complete with plastic dynamite strapped to his chest and a toy automatic rifle. Worse, Gutmann posed with Saadi

It is the kind of poison that is fed to young men and women (and as you will see, very young children) that tells them that this sort of obscenity is acceptable. The President of Pennsylvania University would seem to thinks so. And Mr. Saadi, obviously felt quite comfortable wandering among the crowd that evening in a fog of profane stupidity, no doubt encouraged by his mentors and peers.

Remember it this weekend when you consider voting... or not voting. Because what is being Left, given the opportunity of its popular sanction and legislative authority, will infect this Nation similary with the poison of its own suicide...

... in the face of real suicidal fanatics.

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What is being Left, you ask? Take a political movement that was developed via modern sensibilities and enlightened ideological exploration, that flourished during a cultural orgy of unbounded depravity and ultimately - due to a natural shifting of cultural sensibilities - lost touch with mainstream ideas and was in the process of being discarded. What would happen to that movement? Pardon the apparent hyberbole for a moment and recall what happens to sewerage. Once the water is filtered from the solid waste, that sludge is deposited in ponds where it evaporates to a superconcentrated paste of septic waste. America is well into the turning of the Cultural Revolution resulting in a maturation of sensibilities, and a renewed appreciation of ethics, morals, values, and integrity. As more and more 'good' citizens evaporate from Liberalism and the Democrat party, all that will be left is the filth... that which is untreatable, not compatible, will go nowhere else..... and stinks unbearably of rot and decomposition.What is being Left is a toxic poison that is attempting to feed itself to humanity... by force.

I give you, modern Liberalism


Major Mike said...

I thought Penn was an elite school, with a lot of smart people attending...I guess I was wrong.

I highly recommend this "Amateur Fight Club Video" ... Mr. Saadi has more equipment malfunctions than a '63 Corvair, and spends more time backing up than the French Army in WWII.

This is what I love about the Left...their comfort with hypocritically co-mingling their ideologies and antipathies. They hate violence, but tolerate the representation of the most random form of innoocent slaughter at their cocktail parties. They hate violence, but find the need to assert their "manliness" (not so much in Saadi's case) through repeated expressions of brutality.

What happens to Mr. Saadi, when his lame capabilities in the ring morph into humiliation and shame...escalation...retribution? With the very tools he displayed at the high-brow, elitist, and snobby Penn cocktail party? More than one example for this scenario exists. What will the Penn elitists say then..."Who knew?"

The problem with the Left is that they are not mature enough to run this country. They fail to see that their adolescent and hypocritical attitudes towards serious issues, makes them unfit to govern a free people. They will fritter it away for syncophantic praise of their liberalness and ideological superiority, and, most importantly...for the right to distribute the keys to the Lincoln bedroom for overnight stays. Oh sorry...already did that.

Great post. MM

Mr.Atos said...

Great points Mike! Rand made the point that this is the dawning of new age, where society has done away with the recognition of effort and achievement, the so-called aristocracy of money. It is being replaced in the age of brother-love by the aristocracy of pull.

Blood, whips, chains (bullets,explosives)... or dollars. That's the choice. We must choose. And our time is running out.