Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Conditional Realities...


In complete confirmation of my point in the previous post, Erwin Chemerinsky, Duke University Law Professor and Far Left Activist Attorney, speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Show in the third hour, admitted that his argument before the Supreme Court today was founded on "The Social Reality" of religious hostility surrounding the Ten Commandments. Mr. Chemerinsky made his case before the SCOTUS today regarding the removal of the Ten Commandments Monument from the Texas State Capital grounds in Austin.

The Left manufactures their version of reality in defiance of fact - in this case a self-actualized religious hostility surrounding the Ancient Hebrew basis of Western Law - then proceeds to argue in favor of change on the basis of their own self-fullfilling delusional figment. Similarly, they make the case against a "Ban on Gay Marriage" that no one is proposing. Abortion becomes a protection of personal choice in the face of female oppression that does not exist. A Constitutional "Separation of Church and State" is established while not actually stated in the Constitution. "Assault Weapons" bans are pursued in defiance of the clear objections of the Second Amendment. "Social Justice" is defended as an inalienable right. "Darwinian Evolution" is codified as an fact of Science beyond debate. Likewise, "Global Warming" is proposed as a theory, established in rhetoric, defended as fact, and argued as a reason for action, all without proof and ignoring information to the contrary

"The Social Reality" is the basis for Law according to Mr. Chemerinsky and his patrons on the Left. Today!. Tomorrow, it may be the Economic Reality, or the Political Reality, or Environmental Reality, The Reality of Fairness or Social Justice, or the whatever Conditional Reality is necessary for their feelings, their desires, their agenda, their preferences, their reality, as established according to the consensus of the "Group" and their motivating collective pattern of "Think" that is the relative basis for Law at a given point in time and favoring their particular whim du jour.

It is, without a doubt, time for Republicans to exercise the nuclear option while the opportunity exists and before Mr. Chemurinsky himself is being nominated to fill a vacancy on the SCOTUS, complete with his carpet bag of conditional imperatives substituting for Constitutional manifest.

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