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The buzzing you hear in the background is the consuming mouthsaws of change. Reasonable efforts have failed to save Terri Schiavo or the virtue of an adolescent Nation. And unlike our irrational counterparts, we on the Right are not prone to that which is unreasonable. Rationality is our saw and the truth will be rendered in monumental ediface for the ages of humanity to learn that the enemies of the living flourished in the dawn of the third milennium in the medium of misplaced tolerance on the bounty of fools, and consumed their last helpless victim in an orgy of scornful depravity, before being forever vanquished by the realization of their own malevolence. History is speaking loudly this week and we can be sure that it will not be euthanized.

Doug TenNapel goes there... albeit with a powerful historical analysis and comparison that lends credibility to an otherwise hyberbolic rhetorical charge. He's one blogger that saws right through the scat dropping from the backside of the bull, which is why we've added him to the roll. His point is sobering.

OKIE on the LAM discusses a point made here regarding the implications and consequences of Terri's plight. Thank you for the kind words and the link, Okie Boy (now I got it right!).

I saw this as well...
Powerline takes note of yet another outlet of the Old Busted Media attempting to shape the story against Terri Shiavo. But, why? The internet news headlines this past evening led with, "Schiavo Videotape Misleading, Experts Say".

You can bet that one expert Reuters didn't bother talking to was
this specialist. (HT: Hugh Hewitt and The Corner)

Of significant interest, is the claim by ABC News the Washington Post that the GOP circulated a "talking points" memorandum regarding the Terri Schiavo case outlining how the Republicans could capitalize politically with the issue. It looks as though that story is a bit dubious, as the folks at
Powerline dig for evidence...

The evidence we have so far is not conclusive, but it points in the direction of a dirty trick by the Democrats. The onus is certainly on Mike Allen of the Post and ABC News, if they actually have evidence that the memo is genuine, to tell us what that evidence is. In any event, however, the suggestion that this is some kind of high-level Republican strategy memo is ludicrous.
In a follow-up post, the story has become even more... curious,

ABC News, the original source of the story on the alleged "GOP talking points" memo now appears to be backing off the story. Blogger Josh Clayborn has been talking to ABC representatives, both on and off the record, and they are now telling him that they never meant to imply that the "talking points" memo originated with the Republicans--only that it was given to some Republican Senators. See his most recent posts at In the Agora.

ABC's current position, as reported by Josh, makes little sense, as their coverage certainly did say that this was a Republican memo. (ABC's website described the memo as containing "GOP talking points.") But the fact that they are now backing off suggests that in reality, they have no idea where the memo came from.
Who are the goblins attempting to capitalize on Terri Schiavo's tragedy? The saws keep carving. See Michelle Malkin's addition. to the story. The American Spectator probes it as well.

Robert Novak slices through the inane rhetoric of beltway journalists and malicious activists that seeks to deny people's integrity and label their passion for life as political folly...

The intensity was brought home to me at the Saturday dinner party. A fellow journalist asked me what I thought about the congressional intervention. When I responded that I approved, several colleagues asked how in the world I, of all people, could approve of federal intervention in local affairs. I told them I did not care about that issue but wondered why they were so anxious to end Terri Schiavo's life. They responded that Republicans in Congress were only interested in politics...

The harsh views expressed in a private social situation Saturday were spelled out openly over CNN Monday morning by the network's resident curmudgeon, veteran television journalist Jack Cafferty: "It's all about politics. It has nothing to do with Terri Schiavo. This is all about the abortion debate and right to life and the right wing of the Republican Party. And it's all cloaked in some, you know, mantra that says, 'Oh, we're worried about this woman's life.' Baloney!"
Ignoring for a second the insult cast upon those whose simply cherish the most fundamental aspect of liberty (the primacy of life), one must ask what lubricates the detractors if not politics?... a ghoulish fascination with death?... or is it the extermination of an unwanted pestilience in the form of a severly handicapped woman?

Is that their vision of The Village of humanity? ... or this perhaps?

Hugh Hewitt shreds professor Juan Cole for his comparison of Republican leadership in Washington to the fanatics Muslim Kleptocracy that has spawned the death cult of terrorism.

At the same time, the anti-religion bias and rhetoric of the hard left specifically have leapt into public view again, as ordinary people supporting the parents find themselves denounced as fanatics and zealots. Liberal blogger and University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole went so far as to declare that
"President George W. Bush and Republican congressional leaders like Tom Delay have taken us one step closer to theocracy on the Muslim Brotherhood model."

This statement earned Cole a place on the Ward Churchill All-Stars and elicited from Professor James Q. Wilson
the response that Cole's conclusion "of course is pure nonsense. It is hard to believe that a professor at a major university can utter such silliness, but if you want to hear silliness, sometimes you have to go to a university to hear it."
Check out Hugh's recent Weekly Standard column, "Runaway Judiciary."

And as Maureen Dowd takes a dip in Professor Cole's fever swamp,
Powerline chews through them both.

But what really caught my eye was Dowd's cheap but inevitable comparison of Schiavo's case to Bush v. Gore. She writes: "The first time [Republicans] snatched a case out of a Florida state court to give to a federal court, it was Bush v. Gore. This time it's Bush v. Constitution." What Dowd overlooks, of course, is that Supreme Court review of state court decisions does not constitute "snatching" a case out of state court. Under our constitutional system, the Supreme Court sits as the final arbiter of certain types of state court decision. But one wouldn't expect Dowd to know, or care about, this basic fact. It's enough that she was clever enough to connect, however superficially, her present grievance to the original sin from which all else flows -- the election of President Bush.
A brief review of the Democratic Underground reveals the propriety of the title as the lovecraftian inhabitants of that dark grotto continue foraging blindly through the filth and slime of their own sensibilities for that precious charm of wisdom... that will never be found there.

Check out
Hugh's response to their latest seance.

And today's LA Times editorial, exposes the fact that, for the Left,
Terri Schiavo must die for the perceived sin of America... the 2000 election.

What Rehnquist thinks about the use and abuse of feeding tubes doesn't matter, or shouldn't. What does and should matter is what he thinks about federalism. Legally, this should be an easy case for the chief justice. Politically and personally, it may be harder. Five years ago, Rehnquist allowed politics to trump principle in the disgraceful decision of Bush vs. Gore. Fate has given him a chance for (frankly) a different lead on his eventual obituary. We hope he seizes it.
Well, it is a mute concern now for the editorial staff at the Times. The last hope for Terri has faltered today, as The Supreme Court of the United States rejects her parent's case. In absense of drastic measure she will die.

But, Terri will not die in vain, and she will not die for the unearned guilt imposed by a nihilistic generation of vitriolic juvenile parasites bred on progressive relativism, nurturing their own suicidal state of moral confusion and self-loathing anguish to such a pathetic degree that they wish to inflict it on the very culture on which they feed... thus destroying both.

She will perish with the grief of a Nation of Men and Woman who will regret her passing, long in her absence and forever celebrate the time she spent on this Earth and the unity that flourished about her light in these final days terminating in Spring of the 5th year of the third millennium during the celebration of the sacrifice of one man that began the clock by changing mankind… and giving us the blessings of the lives that we cherish with such passion.

The langoliers of history will consume the rest without spitting.

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