Monday, March 28, 2005

Rising To The Challenge...

Mr. Atos

Of all the wonderful Easter sentiments that I read expressed yesterday, by far the most profound was that of Wretchard over at the Belmont Club. It is a long read, but very important.

We spent a full day with the boys, from breakfast in the comfort of community, through messages of eternal optimism, to joyful reminiscence with aged-old friends over libations and cedar-smoked salmon watching the children recreate our childhood one step at a time. It was indeed a celebration of renewal.

After weeks of exhaustive effort defending the foundations of moral principle like an infant in the scent of starving wolves, the endeavor has hardly ended. The week begins with both pain and perserverance. (HT: Hugh Hewitt) With cautious arrogance regarding a repugnant victory, the Left is rallying opposition for the next skirmish at hand. The Senate is poised this week to do battle over judicial nominations. The Republicans should finally be prepared and indeed invigorated to exercise the "Constitutional Option" to subdue continuing Democrat filibuster of President Bush's outstanding judicial nominations, thus bringing them before the Senate for a straight up or down vote. Should be...

Following a public melee between two united branches of popular government, against the resolute obstinance of the third branch over fundamental issues of liberty, the stage is set to determine the nature of Constitutional Democracy in this Representative Republic, here an now. Will appointed members of the judiciary make law, define policy, and determine the limits of life, liberty and property? Or will the elected representatives of the people in the legislative and executive branches remain the framers of freedom among a people united by common purpose and principle?

Despite the outrageous hyperbole on parade in the sentiments of journalists like Frank Rich, or Maureen Dowd, bloggers like Jeff Jarvis and Joe Gandelman , nothing has changed in the United States since the 2004 election flushed blue-spot sensibilities to the outer fringe of American culture; affirming that moral integrity is not solely a religious value, it happens to be fundamental imperative of reason. Republicans must rise beyond the persecution of these cultural termites, to the challenge of their statesmanship... both in Washington D.C. and at home.

Lend Senator Frist and encouraging word. And Let Susan Collins (Maine), Olympia Snowe (Maine), Chuck Hagel (Nebraska), John McCain (Arizona), and Lincoln Chafee (Rhode Island) know that Network push polls may attempt to manipulate public opinion, but they do not represent it.

The passion is still with us today. Do let's embrace it.

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