Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Eulogy...


Terri Schiavo has died!

And I repeat...

Terri will not die in vain, and she will not die for the unearned guilt imposed by a nihilistic generation of vitriolic juvenile parasites bred on progressive relativism, nurturing their own suicidal state of moral confusion and self-loathing anguish to such a pathetic degree that they wish to inflict it on the very culture on which they feed... thus destroying both.

She will perish with the grief of a Nation of Men and Woman who will regret her passing, long in her absence and forever celebrate the time she spent on this Earth and the unity that flourished about her light in these final days terminating in Spring of the 5th year of the third millennium during the celebration of the sacrifice of one man that began the clock by changing mankind… and giving us the blessings of the lives that we cherish with such passion.

God speed, Terri... God speed! Your battle is done. Ours has just begun.

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