Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What's The Frequency?...


Courage, Dan... Courage!

To borrow a classic moment from Cheers, to formulate a farewell 'ratherism'... I'd rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tinfoil than to ever see your miserable face on my TV screen again.

Farewell, good riddance and don't let my remote hit you in the rear end on your way off.

Speaking of tinfoil, what was that frequency... Kenneth?

Thomas Sowell unravels Rather... Good riddance to Rather
Although Rather is through as anchorman, what he represents is not through, and that is what makes it important to be clear about what he was and what he did, regardless of the spin of those seeking to make excuses for him. We the public need to recognize what is and is not a fact and the media need to recognize the bias and arrogance in Rather's work -- and in their own.
Jonah Goldberg highlights Dan's scarlet letter... Danny, ye hardly knew ye
I have no objection to journalists having biases, much as I have no objection to two plus two equaling four. One may choose to accept the fact or not, but it is a fact nonetheless. Dan Rather, however, always insisted his reporting was bias-free, that he was calling the facts, and just the facts. His career as anchor ended in large part because he couldn't accept that something he had reported wasn't true and that he had rushed to report it because of an agenda that wasn't stamped with an "I." The irony is that that's what his career was always about.
Courage, Dan!

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