Saturday, March 26, 2005

Lessons That Go Unlearned...


Over at RegimeChangeIran, Dr. Zin directs readers to an article by Elan Journo writing for the Ayn Rand Institute: Death to "Diplomacy" with Iran. Journo discusses the emminent danger of negotiating with psychopaths, noting that Iran is a theocratic tyrannical menace that seeks to strengthen it's geopolitical position by rogue force and nuclear threat. The Europeans, in another attempt to pacify imposing aggression, are again demonstrating suicidal weakness in the face of resolute brutality.

This approach of diplomacy-with-anyone-at-any-cost necessarily results in nourishing one's enemy and sharpening its fangs. That is what happened under a 1994 deal with communist North Korea. In return for boatloads of aid and oil from the United States, Japan and other nations, North Korea promised not to develop nuclear weapons.

Despite U.N. inspections, North Korea flouted the agreement repeatedly. When caught cheating, it promised anew to end its nuclear program in return for more "incentives." In February 2005 North Korea declared (plausibly) that it had succeeded in building nuclear weapons. Another, older attempt to buy peace by giving "incentives" to an enemy was a cataclysmic failure. In 1938 the Europeans pretended that Hitler's intentions were not really hostile, and insisted that "peace in our time" could be attained by allowing him to walk into Czechoslovakia. Instead, he was emboldened to launch World War II.

Ignoring the lessons of history, the Europeans are advocating a deal with Iran that likewise purchases the reckless pretence of peace today, at the cost of unleashing catastrophic dangers tomorrow.

To protect American (and European) lives, we must learn the life-or-death importance of passing objective moral judgment. We must recognize the character of Iran and act accordingly. By any rational standard, Iran should be condemned and its nuclear ambition thwarted, now. The brazenly amoral European gambit can only aid its quest--and necessitate a future confrontation with a bolder, stronger Iran.

The entire article is a must read. Again we see the Europeans gambling for the privilege to be butchered last, with the Jews as ante. And when Saracens are threatening the western bastions, torching populations in atomic fire to satisfy an absolute devotion to their principles, how many millions will perish in this century for the convenience of Western ignorance? (edited 03.27.05:20:16)

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