Thursday, March 24, 2005

Social Security Snooze...


There's nothing like having your alarm set to music, on a station with knuckleheads for DJ's posing as informed commentators during 30-second soundbites between an insurance spot and an ancient Toto relic. The overrated lever-monkey might say something as profound as...

and I paraphrase, ' the stock market is a volatile thing where you could make money one day and lose it all the next. It's not something I'D want to have my future tied to... like, Oh, say, with Social Security.'

Lovely sentiment full of the wisdom and honesty of... Oh say, a fishstick.

Well Fishhead,- ahem, Les Sarnoff at Kink 102 - you're either a fool or a liar. Because, either you (like most Americans) have a 401K into which you are pouring 10% to 20% of your earnings in preparation for your retirement - in which case, you Sir, are a misrepresenting facts even as you see them. Or you have no financial plan beyond retirement and will exercise your great talent for one-sided conversations with teenagers and over-aged adolescents, by working at Seven-Eleven waiting like creosote in the desert for diminishing drops of water in the form of your monthly SSN entitlement check - in which case you are a fool.

Despite your personal metaphysical dilemmas, I suspect your less the fool and more the liar; prostituting talking points from the peddlers of your political agenda regardless of truth or consequences. Because as you well know, that private 401K retirement plan of yours is 100% invested in the stock market. And you continue to pour money into that account every month comforted with the knowledge that no matter how the market turns in any given year, historically there is no better bet for monetary growth. And you also know that Social Security in its current state will collapse by 2041. Privatization of a fragment... A FRAGMENT of Social Security will help ensure that it remains solvent for those who need it, and that my children don't have to be enslaved by confiscatory taxation on the order of 60% of their earnings to pay for your Cohibas, Scotch and a bungalow in Cannon Beach.

There is one other possibilty, and that is that you actually believed what you said. Sadly if so, there's an adjective for that to.

Granted, I should know better than to listen to an FM broadcast. The only one I can tolerate anyway is KGSR ...and outside of Central Texas it can only be streamed via the internet. But, Mrs. Atos likes FM. And like I was saying, there's just nothing like hearing cackling absurdity to break the morning snooze..

... slamming off the evanescence of FM to face the dawn of AM.

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