Thursday, March 03, 2005

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Republicans Stand Ground on Social Security Reform!


As I prepared for my ride in this morning, studying, watching the market, and playing with my kids ( I get up frighteningly early), Eric Hogue was lamenting the failure of Republicans to make the case for the privatization of Social Security. Playing clips of Harry Reid, obstinent in his determination to do absolutely nothing about anything, Eric pointed out that the Conservatives have failed the President and Congress on this issue giving Reid and his 'Do-Nothing' party the determination to stand firm in the destructive resolve against the President's plan to fix the Social Security system. And as I considered what he was saying, I realized that once the issue was presented by the President, I somehow believed the momentum in its favor would magically appear... that someone else would plow it forward and I could tag along. I am certain that many of us that stand to be affected by the collapse of Social Security reacted similarly. At the same time, the usual suspects took political advantage. In his column today at Townhall,
Robert Novak notes that.

Thanks to the orchestrated effort of the AARP and organized labor even in the most Republican districts, GOP lawmakers encountered angry opposition to President Bush's plans at town meetings. These pressure groups have overwhelmed the campaign for personal accounts by planting fear among 50-something voters. Republicans face a dilemma: strengthening the safety net means higher taxes and lower benefits that would make the package unpalatable to members of Congress from both parties.

For many Republicans, the Bush Social Security bill is beginning to look like a bridge too far.

Indeed, in the wake of an exhausting election season and with Spring in the air (and for me, Exam #5), many have simply abandoned their posts and allowed the Democrats to wander across the field. The momentum at the front is lost... for the moment.

I don't know what Republican Lawmakers heard back home from the 50 plus crowd, but, I can assure you that (if Hogue and Novak are correct) it is at odds with the majority of the 50 minus crowd - especially those of us with young children who are facing confiscatory payroll taxes to pay for our retiring benefactors with no expectation of benefits, and who refuse to watch that burden...OUR burden... transfered onto the backs of our progeny. No! No matter what party we belong to, we will not allow this to happen.

Do YOU hear me, Dear Benefactors?!

You may ask me to pay for your benefits, because that was the nature of the contract that you had with the People according to the Federal plan.

You may expect a limited committment to that decrepit system - ponsey scheme that it was.

You may relax now on your expectation of entitlement.

But, you may not demand that I conform to your choices when it comes to my life, my future, and the lives of my children. The time for private accounts is at hand, and it is the choice that We want to make. Accept your own slavery to patronage for the peddlers who offer you crumbs for your souls. We, the generation that is poised to wipe your dependent rear ends, will do so gladly for the promise to release our shackles and the indentured servitude of our children when you are passed and forgotten.

You have it in your power to be remembered for helping Us make the right decisions when change was demanded. Or you can be remembered for your self-centered cowardice, when our spite becomes the ink for your eulogy.

How will you be remembered through Us by the generation that We cherish. The choice is yours now. Make it!

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