Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Get Out!


What if a mob broke into your home and demanded of you that you supply them with room and board for the rest of their lives? Would you do it?

And if so, would you do it out of charity?... or fear? In either case, would your sacrifice be a noble gesture? ... for you or for them?

And what about your neighbors? Upon seeing that you had abandoned a key aspect of your constitution on demand, other mobs begin bursting into their homes demanding similar attention and sanctuary of your neighbor, for the rest of their lives... your life, your liberty, and your property, your ability rendered wholely subservient to their needs on demand.

Thomas Sowell has a tremendous piece today, over at Real Clear Politics, in which he identifies the the nature and extent of my tolerance for the issue of illegal immigration,

Activists who are organizing mass marches and demonstrations in cities across America may well be congratulating themselves on the huge numbers of people they can get to turn out to protest efforts in Congress to reduce illegal immigration.

No doubt that will impress many in the media and intimidate many politicians. But how these marches will be seen by millions of other Americans is another question entirely. The Mexican flags and the strident assertions of a right to violate American laws are a danger signal to this society, as they would be to any society.

The releasing of children from schools to take part in these marches and the support of the marchers' goals by some religious leaders demonstrate that this contempt for the laws of the land has spread well beyond immigrant communities.

Emphasis has been added by me to Sowell's point in order to stress our congruity, since the ongoing and escalating spectacle has certainly engaged both the Citizens' attention and our anxiety. Indeed the marches have begun to effect the opposite reaction in Americans from that desired - assuming that the goal was ever to actually foment compassion and solidarity. Noting some banners in on display at this week's rallies, it is reasonable to conclude the goals of the masses of aroused invaders are not exactly those of the organizers of this media charade. And yet on both accounts, Americans are disgusted with an intent to influence the Nation's socio-political mechanisms that bypasses the popular will of its's actual Citizens. Furthermore, as Sowell warns,

Some free-market advocates argue that the same principle which justifies free international trade in commodities should justify the free movement of people as well. But this ignores the fact that people have consequences that go far beyond the consequences of commodities.Commodities are used up and vanish. People generate more people, who become a permanent and expanding part of the country's population and electorate.

It is an irreversible process -- and a potentially dangerous process, as Europeans have discovered with their "guest worker" programs that have brought in many Muslims who are fundamentally hostile to the culture and the people that welcomed them.

Unlike commodities, people in a welfare state have legal claims on other people's tax dollars and expensive services in schools and hospitals, not to mention the high cost of imprisoning many of them who commit crimes.

Getting back to the analogy... what then is the benefit to your family and the condition of your community in allowing anyone, stranger or otherwise, to make demands of sacrifice of you and your neighbors? Of course this fits well with the mentality of What Is Being Left and their collectivist mission. And it certainly does well to explain why marxist groups like ANSWER, and the International Socialist Organization have been most active in organizing these so-called 'immigration rallies.' It also explains the oral and graphic messages purveyed by protesters and their supporters, as recorded by Michelle Malkin. But, do their goals respect your recognized sovereignty? Do not their needs place demands on your abilities? Does their reward of blanket amnesty from ours laws place them next to you as a law-abiding citizens... or above you as ignored criminals?

This Nation and the liberty it affords has flourished by cultivating opportunity not dependence. And opportunity begins with responsibility. Granted, conditions in Mexico and other degenerate thugocracies may be detrimental to life and prosperity. Yet, the liberty and opportunity afforded by America can only exist with the mutual respect of her people and the ruthless objectivity of her laws. Citizenship, therefore cannot begin with the abject rejection of both.

We're all, afterall, the sons and daughters of immigrants; with the exception of some Amerind peoples, and their's is no purity even to that claim. The idea of the American "Melting Pot" is still warm in the minds of most adults, whom still know tales of their ancestry as passed down from parents and grandparents. So, when the issue of immigration reform arose again, as it has for the second time in my lifetime, I was luke warm on the subject. Given Welfare reform, Healthcare reform, Social Security privatization, School vouchers, and Voting reform, I'm perfectly willing to allow America to remain the beacon of hope for any and all who wish to realize and extend the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity... albeit within the common confines of legal propriety.

Yet after weeks of demands by the illegal immigrant community upon my government - NOT THEIR GOVERNMENT - but mine, and me, to extend to them rights above and beyond my own and that of my children, I have but two words for the chanting masses of alien criminals and their domestic supporters, "Get Out!"

If you don't care to respect my fundamental sovereignty, then...

Get the hell out of my House!


Anonymous said...

Way to go dude! I agree vey much with your blog. They should get out, and I think we should send them back to mexico at once. Evil immigrants. Poopheads, they are for coming into our land and invading what is ours not theirs. Goats Rule!
Pop Tart Man/ Hermit Crab man

Camp Parsons Info said...

I agree with anonymous on this one. Way to speak out man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE REAL Hermit_Crabmn!!!

Mr.Atos said...

How unfortunate!

There is nothing evil about immigration. There is something morally repugnant about rewarding bad behavior; especially when it is unrepetent on the one hand and celebrated en masse on the other.

But, then one should not be judged negatively for the language he speaks, only by how he speaks it.