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Political Scrap...


Major Mike had a great post earlier this week on the Left's strategy of dirt harvesting - as reported by Powerline. Now, it comes as no surprise that the primary elective strategy of the Nation's marginal party relies on a form of political extortion - the m.o. of thugs and hoodlums. It would seem a tempting approach for a movement that is incapable of winning elections honestly. Afterall, it just worked on Senator Delay, and even on Congressman Gingrich before. And the strategy has hardly been limited to public leaders. It has been employed against Conservative personalities like Rush Limbaugh, and independent researchers like FReeper Buckhead.

What is surprising, however, is their opposition's apparent lack of interest in reciprocal oversight. When it comes to Democrat corruption, the Republicans invaribly turn a blind eye and sore cheek, even when the infractions are too scandalous for the Old Media to ignor completely.

Do let's look at a few, complements of
Newsmax :

The list of Democrat scandals passed up by Republicans could probably fill a book. But others that deserve honorable mention are the surpression of the Barrett Report, media leaks by anti-Bush CIA insiders and a probe into Sen. Robert Byrd's activities while he was a leader in the Ku Klux Klan.
Newsmax story includes a list with detailed explanations of each, only abbreviated here,

Bergergate: The theft and destruction of top secret national security documents by former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger in a blatant attempt to obstruct the 9/11 Commission investigation.

Rathergate: You'd never know it from the lethargic Republican reaction, but when a mysterious Texas source supplied forgeries of President Bush's military records to CBS News just weeks before the 2004 election, it was a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Compounding the political intrigue, CBS tipped a top staffer in the Kerry campaign on the coming Bush document assault.

Schumergate: The illegal purloining of Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's credit report by staffers on Sen. Chuck Schumer's Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee certainly seemed like a ripe topic for some congressional oversight. But like the Bergergate case, it appears that Bush Justice will let the guilty parties off with a slap on the wrist - without fingering any higher ups.

Nukegate: We've already had several hearings into President Bush's so-called illegal NSA terrorist surveillance program, which was first revealed in James Risen's new book: "State of War."

But there's been little interest in the other bombshell development revealed by Risen: President Clinton's decision to give Iran doctored blueprints for key nuclear components that allowed the Iranians, in Risen's words, to "leapfrog one of the last remaining engineering hurdles blocking its path to a nuclear weapon."
As the Newsmax story points out, the Republican interest to date in all of these troubling infractions, is... "Zilch."

To their list, do let's add a few of our own...

Nagingate: The criminal fecklessness of New Orleans' mayor,
Ray Nagin, led to a catastrophe on top of disaster when nature's wraith exposed a public structure rotted to the core as a result of decades of Democrat corruption. It's collapse led to the death of hundreds and displacement of thousands. And the insect didn't even have the decency to resign... not that party leaders ever asked him to.

Jeffersongate: The corruption of
Louisiana Democrat Congressman William Jefferson accused of bribery, not to mention his personal shenaningens expoiting the National Guard in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Cynthia McKinney strikes a federal police officer, and remains in office, uncensured, and unarrested.

• Slashergate: The children of prominent Milwaukee Democrat officials serving their party as hired goons, slash the tires of GOP GOTV vans the night before the 2004 Election. They get a slap on the wrist, and the case flits away.

Governorgate: With the help of just the right amount of questionable ballots from King County AFTER the election of Dino Rossi as Governor of Washington, the election is reversed in favor of Democrat candidate Christine Gregoire, and all official counting stops and she is sworn in immediately. Say WA?!

Meatheadgate: former actor and permanent Meat-Head, Director/Democrat activist Rob Reiner, has been doing some questionable things with public funds.

And few in Oregon can forget...

Goldschmidtgate: Albeit, gone from power, the notable Democrat leader of Oregon, Neil Goldschmidt gets a veritable pass from the National media after it is revealed that he had improper sexual relations with a child. And local media and politicians hid it for decades.

And these are but a few. As I
commented to Mike,

...the Republicans better damn well learn how to scrap... and fast. Perhaps the Senator is guilty of something. If so, then good riddance to bad seed. But then why bother forcing his primary opponents to waste campaign funds running against him. Sheer stupidity, it would seem. Nevertheless, if we continue to ignore the criminal activity of Democrats, like Earle, Schumer, Reid, Kennedy, McKinney to name but a few, while letting the Left harvest dirt on targeted legislators and candidates, good men and woman will quickly lose the taste for service. Perfection is rare. In politics just good is good enough. Depravity, however gains by favor. When laws like those set forth by McCain/Feingold are devised to encourage the lawless and hinder the lawful, then the nation will be Left with a Stalinesque ruling class of uncanny criminals... honorless, incompetent thugs and corrupt to the core... with a Press that gives them a complete pass.
Weeding the nation's political system of corruption is both a necessary and noble exercise. Yet, poisoning grass and weed alike while ignoring moles, will render a dead field infested with vermin, and good for nothing but propagating filth. For the good of the Party and the Nation as a whole, Republicans better damn well learn how to scrap effectively with Democrats in the political arena...

... before they are merely rendered scrap in that arena.

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