Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shotgun Friday-Early Edition

Major Mike

"Vote, or I’ll Steal Yo Money"

I caught this link early in the week and I am going to have to post on each of the first two articles. Roger Freidman out-sleuths the GAO in uncovering that the, apparently now defunct 2004 “Vote or Die” campaign organized and pushed by the likes of Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, seems to be missing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Of course they found plenty of dollars to pay their cronies…as the Dems always seem to be able to do.

“For a not-for-profit that operated only a short time — from April to November 2004 — Citizen Change had some walloping expenses.
Mark Seliger charged them $100,000 for photography. They spent another $541,000 on advertising and $252,000 for billboards. Citizen Change's total expenses came to over $2 million even with Burkle's largesse, and came in at $23,000 in the red.”

I think it is becoming obvious that, more and more people are beginning to look at the wildly flailing Democrat machine, and viewing it as an opportunity to enter the “business” of politics. The closer the Dems embrace these kinds of efforts, the more scrutiny they themselves deserve. Dems seem to be are increasingly operating in the margins of fundraising, and seem unashamed when they get caught. Additionally, they are not very shy about passing the favors around once in office…embarrassing and near criminal. Lincoln bedroom. Rob Reiner.

Dixie Chicks Hit #1...On IPod Downloads

Finally it looks like the D Chicks have some momentum with their new single, "Not Ready To Make Nice", in fact, they have hit #1 on the IPod download list, and are cracking the top 30 Billboard singles list. Good luck with that. I am sure most Americans have forgotten Natalie Maines slammed the President, in front of an overseas audience, soon after our troops crossed the LOD.

Yeah, they probably forgot, but I haven’t.

Maines told the London concert audience: "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas."”

I am sure she meant that in the best way. I am sure Texas is WAY proud of you!

Actress Quits Broadway Production…Baldwin Blamed

The highly regarded actor, Alec Baldwin, seems somewhat responsible for the hasty departure of Jan Maxwell from the NY revival production of “Entertaining Mr. Sloan.”

“Maxwell's departure was first reported Wednesday in the New York Post, which obtained a copy of an e-mail the actress sent to a friend about Baldwin. In the note, the actress declared that the "bottom line was my physical safety, mental health and artistic integrity -- none of which Roundabout was supporting."”
“Maxwell said Baldwin put his fist through a wall and was "throwing things around with all of us cowering," and Maxwell accused Baldwin of giving the Roundabout an ultimatum: refusing to go on with her.”

Doesn’t sound like the even-tempered Baldwin we know…does it? Come to think of it he was a little short with Sean Hannity.

Maybe it was jealousy…

"In "Sloane," she received mostly positive notices for her portrayal of a sex-starved woman vying with her brother, played by Baldwin, for the attentions of her hunky tenant. The Associated Press said Maxwell gave "a hilarious, tremulously determined performance."”

I don’t ever recall the hugely egotistical Baldwin ever receiving a review like that…but, he was very good in The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie.

GOP and Christmas in May

Ding-dong Republicans are attempting to buy votes this fall by trying to entice voters with $100. Nice…I’ll take the money, but I won’t vote for any Republican who votes for such an obvious ploy. Also, I won’t be donating to the NRC until they can figure out that they are not Democrats.

There is nothing in the Constitution that requires our government to smooth out all of the bumps in the road for us. In the end, this type of income re-distribution, is only a clever disguise for socialism…and I don’t find that word ANYWHERE in the Constitution.

Republicans…listen to Hugh Hewitt, and quit doing a combination of “the Bump,” the Limbo, and the Macarena in an effort to get elected in the fall. Grow up and act like Republicans.

Arlen Spector Switches Parties

In a bold move today, Arlen Specter, likely after signing on as a sponsor for the $100 Socialistic Rebate Bill, decided to switch party affiliations. He is a confused as anyone. His first official act…clamping down on the President’s wiretapping initiative. Specter (D-PA) laid down the law with the President today…

"Institutionally, the presidency is walking all over Congress at the moment," Specter, R-Pennsylvania, told the panel. "If we are to maintain our institutional prerogative, that may be the only way we can do it."

Nice work dude…attempt to restrict the Presidential War Powers while we’re fighting the GWOT, AND split the party in an election year. Why is this dufus still the Chairman of Judiciary? Not another dime to the RNC, until they can clean up this kind of silliness.

Journalist in Training

The MSM will likely be recruiting at Harvard this summer. A rising literary star, Kaavya Viswanathan…ooops, sidetracked by that nasty plagiarism thing. No worries, convenient and viable excuses are readily available. She is well equipped with the non-excuse excuse…

“She has already shifted blame to her subconscious, saying on "Today" that when she read McCafferty's books in high school, they "spoke to me in a way that few others had."”

And a perfectly logical explanation…

"When I was writing, I genuinely believed each word was my own."

Nice work…it could happen to anyone…I often write exactly like Victor Davis Hansen after reading him…of course that skill seems to fade in time…I wonder why.

Don’t fret…I am sure the NYT will pick her up as a writer, or any of the large networks will pick her up as a producer…she’ll be fine.

Democrat Painters Fail to Finish Contract Work At UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State - Union Workers Irate

Employees of the North Carolina Employee's Union filed a grievance with the State's Labor Relations Board today for failing to use union employees to paint the ROTC buildings on each campus. The non-union painters failed to meet established State standards according to one source close to the story. Union leaders on campuses across the country have been trying to snuff out scab labor on painting contracts, as well as some custodial contracts. Michelle Malkin has photos of the non-union activities taking place at NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill where the painting dispute is taking place. And she also has an update on the scab labor used for an illegal grounds clean up at Northern Kentucky University.

Photos taken after the UNC, NC State episodes reveal shoddy workmanship, several OSHA violations, and failure to clean the job site to union standards.

A Midshipman who wishes to remain annonymous commented..."I was just happy to see them spell most of the words right, this is a public school, you know...sir."

I guess all you Seventies Throwback Types are getting all A's, and that your parents are very proud of you and your latest effort.

I rest easy at night knowing that behind the doors you painted, men and women are being trained to protect this nation. And that those selfless souls will endure many more hardships than you can imagine. And that when their time comes to defend us, yes, even you chucklehead idioclones, they will do so, and succeed. You should also know that you made less than zero impact on their commitment, and that you only embarassed yourselves in the process. Ideo-idioclone chuckleheads.

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