Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Lesson About War

Major Mike

This post began as a comment to Mr. Atos’ superb piece below, but it grew into its own post as I pondered a bit further.

I found it interesting that between my “Greatest Hits” post below, and Mr. Atos’ “Storm Warning,” little has changed...even though some of the posts in my compilation are over a year old, and Mr. Atos’ piece is over eighteen months old. Why are we recycling our posts? Fair question, sadly the answer is…because nothing has changed. Unbelievably...

We still have citizens who still fail to acknowledge the gravity of the many threats that target this country everyday.

We still have citizens helping the enemy, because they politicize every aspect of the conflict we are in.

We still have citizens that don’t have the will to protect their own freedom against these threats.

Simple as that. After nearly five years of responding to a declaration of war by sociopathic Islamist extremists, we have people… refusing to acknowledge their existence or the veracity of their threats, willing to help them for political gain, and we have people who would rather curl up in a ball and let these evil forces dominate our culture, our country and our world. Incredible.

In an effort to make the problem real easy for the mouth-breathers to understand, I offer the following course of instruction below.

Threat Recognition 101. Anyone with a gun is a threat. Anyone who attacks you with a gun is a threat. Anyone who blows up your embassies, attacks your troops in the field, attacks your ships, kills your citizens, flies airplanes into your buildings…is a threat. Anyone with a nuclear weapon is a threat. All sociopaths are a threat. Any insane, sociopath running a country that has or seeks nuclear weapons, is a big threat.

Aiding and Abetting 101. If you provide the enemy food or ammo, you are helping him. If you provide the enemy, or allow him to otherwise obtain, money to buy food and ammo, you are helping him. If you know what the enemy is trying to do, and you assist him in doing it, you are helping the enemy. If you undermine the efforts of your forces in the field, for any reason whatsoever, you are helping the enemy. If you execute a play, that the enemy is hoping you will run, in favor of a short term political gain, you are helping the enemy.

Democracy 101. Democracy=voting. Islamafacsism=no voting. Democracy=freedoms. Islamafacsism=freedom to worship Islam...only. If you don’t fight for deomcracy, you will lose it. At some point in time, all of our citizens will have to fight for their freedoms, in order to protect them; if we don’t we WILL be dominated by nuclear weapons possessing, Muslim extremist sociopaths, who will show you that Islam is not the “Religion of Peace” when it comes to annihilating westerners, western beliefs, and western culture.

Comparative Civilizations 101. People who murder innocent people with airplanes…bad. People who have free elections, free press, freedom of speech…good. Sociopaths who threaten to annihilate their neighbors with nuclear weapons, simply because they are Jewish…bad. People who keep people with nuclear weapons from annihilating their neighbors with nuclear weapons…good. People who suppress and abuse women because of their culture…bad. People who allow women equality in society…good.

Pop Psychology 101. You can negotiate the gun away from the sociopath, but you can’t negotiate away his problem…he is still a sociopath. Remember, all sociopaths are threats…see Threat Recognition 101 above. Talking about a problem with a sociopath usually only delays the final, necessary conflict. Talking about their problem with someone who wants to kill you, will only delay your death by a few minutes. Understanding someone else’s problems does not make you friends, allies, or buddies.

It is still unbelievable to me that most of our country doesn’t get that we are at war, and that this war will last a long time. They don’t get that it will cost some American lives…military and civilian. They don’t get that this war is extremely difficult to execute (notice we still don’t have a detailed plan from the left on how to win the GWOT). They don’t get that mistakes will be made. They don’t get that American solidarity behind the effort is a key factor for success. And they don’t get that …THERE IS NO APPEASING AL-QAEDA, THE IRANIAN SOCIOPATHIC MULLAHS, OR ANY ISLAMIC EXTREMIST…they will not be deterred through negotiation, appeasement, or sanctions. They don’t get that Islamic extremists, regardless of where they live, or what they call themselves…that they, and their will, must be destroyed by a focused and determined west. A west that understands that these maniacal sociopaths are bent on destroying our culture and our democracies, and that they’d be happy to slay a few peaceniks along the way.

Wake up America, your life depends on it.

Class dismissed.


dueler88 said...

well said, mike.

i would add to your "Aiding and Abetting 101" section a little blurb about PsyOps - perhaps the most important element in modern politically-charged warfare. Let your enemy destroy itself from within and all you have to do is come in to sweep up the mess. Militant Islam knows this. So much the better if you have a consistent unifying ideology while your enemy debates the necessity of ANY unifying ideology.

you and atos also make me want to do a revisit of my "Heads I Win, Tales You Lose" post. The left has set themselves up for a political victory regardless of outcome. the next terrorist attack WILL be Bush's fault, either because he wasn't smart enough to stop it or because his thoughtless military actions caused thousands of people to go from would-be to now-they-are murderous militants.

i don't think that it occurs to many people that, as you mention, you can take the gun away from a murderous sociopath but they are still a murderous sociopath. even in my sheltered life, never having been a victim of violent crime, never having delt with the seedier sides of our culture, i understand that there are bad people out there that want to hurt me - and there's nothing i can do or say to change their mind.

what will determine whether or not our nation survives is if we can collectively decide that the pop-psychology notion of "people do bad things because bad things are done to them and they just need a little love" is complete B.S. what i fear will bring this about, however, is widespread bloodshed, seen first-hand by americans. hopefully we won't have already lost our will to fight by then.

Major Mike said...

Great add to the piece dueler. We have sadly become a nation of politically driven ostriches...I'll ignore ALL this, just to be President for four years. What happens then is a Bush-like President must come along, suffer the slings and arrow of ignorant fools, and do the right thing to protect this country and its democracy. While being continuously sniped at by those who have gotten us to this position. Makes me sick, but that appears to be the Dem plan for the GWOT...oh, sorry, I mean the 06, 08 elections...they don't have a plan for the GWOT.

Mr.Atos said...

Don't know if I have nmuch to add to that, except right on. As my anger got the best of me this week regarding the reprehensible behavior of the Democrats, the words that I proposed to write about it, I realized, had already been written by me over a year ago. Perhaps we can write it off to ignorance, political opportunism, or even down right malice, but one thing is certain, the most dangerous enemy we face, is the one that seeks to divide us to fall.

Boghie said...

We can handle the 'enemy-without'. They would have been dealt with by now if not for the ignorance and maliciousness of the 'enemy-within'.

The majority of the 'enemy-within' that Major Mike and Mr. Atos have discussed in their recent entries are fools.

They will always be fools...

We can only hope that these screeching imbeciles don't regain power before the current job is complete.

Kerry said...

I wonder of those of us who see that we are at war, and it could be a very long one are enough to carry through to victory. Can we win without everyone being on board? I don't know. If my experience is at all typical regarding news consumption, I haven't watched or read any MSM news in several years, but believe I am more well informed that average. Are we enough? I hope so. One with God is a majority. Perhaps that will suffice.