Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shotgun Friday

Major Mike

Still No Janie Fonda

I continue to sit on my pre-assigned protest bench at Pioneer Courthouse Square here in Portland…waiting for the second coming of Jane Fonda. My reservation at Protest Central will soon expire. I have my “Make Love Not War” sign, I have my hard earned combat medals pinned onto my aged utility blouse, and I am wearing some whacky headgear I picked up at my local surplus store. I get some weird looks from the druggie counter-culture crowd, but my hungry look for a genuine protest, insulates me from any harm.

I yearn, but still no Vegamite Bus, and no Jane Fonda. We are now at seven days late and counting. Jane, come and take me on your Magic Bus, or…shut your cookie hole, and quit grasping for your 11th minute (and counting) of fame.

I think Jane’s record of teasing the public as she pushes her latest book (see last Friday’s Shotgun Friday) cements her role as a fraud. She, as with many of the Hollywood elite, is simply playing an audience that they view as stoooopid. Too stoooopid to figure out that she is a fraud, and then too timid to call her on it.

Jane get in your bus, or stay out of the papers…you’re a fraud and a liar.

What was the book I read in college Waiting for Bardot? Waiting for…I can’t remember…Jane please come by soon.

Cynthia McKinney To Fight in DC for WBA Title

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, after a recent first round knockout of a Capitol Hill police officer, has inked a deal that will pit her against #1 ranked contender Capitol Hill police officer, has inked a deal that will pit her against #1 ranked contender Sergei Lyakhovich. Cynthia “the Atlanta Hamma” McKinney recorded a first round knockout against the unidentified policeman in a fight earlier this week. Sports writers were surprised to see that she took another bout so soon, but “the Hamma” is now 13-0 against the Capitol Police, and she feels it is time to take a shot at the title.

Surprisingly, Cynthia actually apologized for her recent victory, saying “I didn’t mean to hit him so hard.”

Of course, this officer, who was carving out his living in anonymity, is now being called a racist because Cynthia McKinney has a chip on her shoulder as big as her ego. She should remember that she serves and represents the people, and that her role in government does not entitle her to abuse those other poor souls who show up everyday to serve the public. Those that they do so without recognition or flare…those whose biggest moment in life might be a quiet retirement ceremony from public service…those whose best hope would be to serve their country honorably, those who now must defend themselves in public against the most slanderous charges. Those that will now be expected to waive their rights to prosecute Ms. Cynthia in favor of putting this “embarrassing incident” behind her.

Rep. McKinney...get off your high horse…you are, and should be a humble servant of the people, not a pompous ass with an attitude that jeopardizes the safety of all in the Capitol, and slanders those poor souls who are simply trying to do their jobs. Try doing yours.

Check out the Fox News piece with Larry Elder on Hanity and Colmes tonight if you can find it…Elder was great.

NBC Gets a Yellow Flag

Check out Michelle Malkin and her breaking of the NBC, News Fabrication Channel, story about planting Islamicly dressed “fans” at NASCAR races in order to expose us NASCAR fans as bigots and Arab haters.

Michelle was great with Tony Snow on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.

We are now sadly back to the times where the MSM decides to make the news in the nature of its choosing. Remember NBC’s Dateline fun production of the exploding Chevy gas tanks? I guess they just forgot to mention that they added explosives…not only to enhance the effect, but to actually create the effect. I guess that could happen to anyone with an agenda.

Facts…who needs facts, when we can easily set up a bunch of dumbass rednecks and get them to look dumber on TV, because we know those Dixie Chick haters will lose control and attack Arab dressed fans. Stockholders…get on the phone and dump your shares…the people who are using your investment dollars at NBC are stooooopid. Sell, sell, sell.

Oh, Mr. Arab person NASCAR fan recruiter, the race is in Dallas this week. Cluto.

Can't Find the Dixie Chicks

Sorry, no update on the the Dixie Chicks Not Ready to Make Nice's run up the charts. But you can listen to the audio here...not for me. Feel free to post a review.

Another Twilight Zone Moment

For the second time in two weeks, I find myself in agreement with part of the local Portland media. KATU, Channel 2 here locally, ran the images of the Mohammed cartoons. Bravo…defend your right to publish.

You remember…Islam the religion of peace…cannot bear the publication of any image or negative presentation of Mohammed, and they will kill you if you do. Protests…Denmark. HT, again Michelle Malkin, who courageously continues to keep this issue in the forefront.

Me? I am worried about my well-being. This is two weeks in row that my views have coincided with at least one element of the local media. ET phone home? Solar eclipse? What is it? I AM NOT going liberal…it is not me!!!! It is just a coincidence!!!

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