Thursday, April 27, 2006

Visions of Die Sturm...


Die Sturm have struck again. Michelle Malkin reports the latest acts of violence executed by the Left. The most recent target is UNC-Chapel Hill's ROTC armory vandalized in the name of peace(?)

Inspired by certain evasive Liberal provocatuers, it seems fitting to now chronicle every episode of their decent into the rancid pits of human depravity from wence the worst atrocities Man has ever known, have emanated. Welcome to our newest regular feature here at My Sandmen... Visions of Die Sturm.

Thank you Sir Godwin of Flee. Remember that your delusion only works if I choose to sanction its folly.

I do not give such sanction!


Just in case you are tempted to accuse me of hyperbole, either for this new feature, or for my ongoing warnings to my former fellow Democrats about What Is Being Left, it took no more than one commenter to illustrate the danger building in the hate-filled vortices of Die Sturm...

Quote: "More is deserved here than just ‘property damage’...Executions... are what are in order here."

It goes on. And why not, the rancid insect makes my point better than I.

Take note. Take heed. Because it is exactly what is being Left...


Dr. Zaius said...


Don’t bring your crypto-fascism masquerading as ‘democracy’ and ‘conservatism’ to their world and they’ll probably leave your ROTC bldgs alone. Deal ?

I am not sure why people on either the left or right still insist on referring to ‘Neoconservatives’ as ‘conservatives.’ They are not, in fact, ‘conservatives’ at all. Big central government, monopoly capitalism, huge military expenditures, wars of aggression and a Machiavellian disregard for the TRUTH are the modus operandi of these radicals masquerading as ‘conservatives.’ Most ‘conservatives’ (and Democrats, too) fail to make the distinction between the more populist rightwing and the neofascists (Neocons) who have hijacked the Republican party and are selling democracy down the river to make a buck. Neocons aren’t ‘conservatives’ folks, stop referring to them as such.

"…but I have a problem when they damage property.”

And I have a problem with illegal wars of aggression based on LIES that contravene the Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

I mean, come on now, did millions sacrifice their blood in WWII in the fight against fascism so these black shirts can launch another illegal war of aggression?

I don’t think so. And guess what? We are not about to let it happen... ever again.

More is deserved here than just ‘property damage.’

Immediate Prosecution and Execution for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity and Peace are what are in order here.

Mr.Atos said...

You make my point better than I, talking Monkey! But, do ask yourself... what if you are wrong? Will the surrender of law and civility in support of your misdirected belief (that your brethren are more evil than those who wish to kill you)have been worth the sacrifice?... and the executions? And how might you begin to repair the damage in the chaos of the aftermath of your proscribed brutality?

Are you beginning to understand yet, Sir Godwin? Read the primate's intent again... and again, if necessary.

Test: If you believe in Democracy, Monkey... why dont you trust its processes and prerequisites?

Sign language will suffice for an answer! And I'm sure you rely on one in particular for such occassions.

Dr. Zaius said...

Just a second here, while I catch my breathe.

Let me ask you something: What possessed you to give your blog such a title?

Do you know who Neil Gaiman is?

He would be utterly disgusted and revolted by the name of your blog.

He would be utterly and completely horrified by the content and symbols used in this blog.

This is just the beginning.

Dr. Zaius said...

Nothing &*^%- pisses me off more than a snotty Neocon 'intellectual' who appropriates and inverts 'other' symbols, nomenclature and language for his/her own perverse ends.

Another one of Ms. Malkin’s training fascists and totalitarian sock puppets.

You're quite a collage artiste' there, aren't you Mr.Neocon geek? Quite well versed in history and philosophy as well, aren't we there?

Dr. Zaius said...

The American people aren’t stupid, but they can be misinformed, and they have been misinformed consistently by the corporate media.”


...and slimey little 'blogs' like this one.

You are a traitor to your people.

The World has really grown quite tired and weary of Corporate Oligarchs, Zionists, Likudniks, Republicans, Neoconservatives, Zionazis, Nazis, Nationalists, Islamofascists, Islamists, Colonialists, Imperialists , (fighting the same bloody war for one hundred years) assorted cynical, sadomasochistic control freak war mongers and haters--in addition to otherwise spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually stunted, warm, fuzzy, 'funny,' prepubescent, sexually obsessed, sexually repressed, goofball, self hating, corrupt, lying, amnesiac, in denial, uninformed, time wasting, weakening, half wit and semi moron training wheel fascists, whose main Occupation and obscene, perverse addiction it is to weaken, abuse, hurt and impose their will on others and waste people's time on this Planet. All of the aformentioned accused are doomed to repeated failure because their conditioning and ideological pseudo doctrines are based on abuse, hatred, destructive addictions, joylessness, fear, lies, threats of violent force, coercion and (self-invoked) evil that fly in the face of every Sacred and Divine teaching on this most generous and forgiving Planet.

Do you even have the faintest recollection that you are on a fucking Planet ? Sky, Earth, Gravity, Air, Water, Fire.

Now, destructive and irresponsible Children, kindly take all your petty prejudices, hostilities, vendettas, anger, violence, ownership-control issues and infantile temper tantrums --and either shove them up your collective arseholes forever or finally and completely exterminate yourselves from this gift of a planet you have lost all privilege to exist on. Your children and grandchildren will pledge their undying hostility toward you for all eternity and spit on your grave. Nosferatu's ship has landed and its infested with rats carrying plague. May you never see the light of day, for your heart is an eternally blackened midnight sun. The Sun is ashamed to shine its light on your face and the Earth is disgusted by the shadow you cast on its surface. If you continue on your present course, Your Bloodlines will Forever be Cursed and there be will be a Plague On All Your Houses.


Age: About 4.5 Billion Years Old
Location: In the Solar System, on the outer edge of the Milky Way, about 28,000 light years from the galactic center (Source: European Space Agency). It takes the solar system 225 million years to make one full trip around the Milky Way.
Closest Major Galaxy: Andromeda, about 2.3 million light years away.
Age of the Milky Way: 16 billion years.Home System: Solar System (One Sun)Earth's Sun: A medium sized, yellow star. Scientists call it a G2 star.It is the largest object in the solar system and contains 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass.
It is located in the center of the solar system. Distance from the Sun (average): About 93.1 million miles (also one Astronomical Unit or AU). It is the third planet from the Sun.
Farthest Distance from the Sun: 94.5 million miles. Closest Distance to the Sun: 91.4 million miles.
Speed through Space (around the sun): 18.4 miles per second or about 67,000 miles per hour. Solar Orbit: It takes Earth 365.2422 days to orbit the sun. This is the basis for the year. Rotational Speed: About 1,070 miles per hour at the equator.

Mr.Atos said...

By all means, keep going...

Boghie said...

Even the fine doctor can have a bad day…

I can’t wait for another brilliant piece of nuanced rhetoric by Dr. Zaius…

When I unpack:

“I am not sure why people on either the left or right still insist on referring to ‘Neoconservatives’ as ‘conservatives.’ They are not, in fact, ‘conservatives’ at all. Big central government, monopoly capitalism, huge military expenditures, wars of aggression and a Machiavellian disregard for the TRUTH are the modus operandi of these radicals masquerading as ‘conservatives.’”

I know I am reading someone who almost knows what he is talking about. At the very least monkeyboy must be a conservative of some sort – the kind that listens intently to the Randi Rhodent on Err America. She is brilliant too…

When he licks some of the crap out of his keyboard he may drop another turd…

I’m staying up all night, I just can’t wait. Spill it baby, spill it!!!

Wasn’t he the Excemental in the movie ‘Dogma’…

Comment: I am suprised MonkeyBoy Dr. Zaius could get past the word verification... What are the odds he could get his monkey farm to break that code - his very own Enigma.

Major Mike said...

Dear Doctor, maybe you could write me perscription for world peace.

Protest one IMF meeting per year.

Let Sociopathic dictators of extremest regimes get nuclear weapons.

Turn the other cheek when Islamofascists kill 3000 of your citizens.

Let the Taliban run an entire country and opress women and children to no end...all the while letting taliban hacks rape and abuse women, who don't have a say in selecting the government, for their own sick pleasure...then stone them for committing adultery.

Hug a tree.

Buy a Prius.

Quit breathing air.

Become a vegan.

Don't heat your house or drive a car.

Let evil dictatorships run their natural course.

Let the evil strong dominate and occupy the righteous weak.

Destroy property to get your point across.

Threaten and intimidate those who have chosen a different path than you.

Have I missed any elements of your "perfect world" perscription?

Doctor, bite down on a get real pill, we live in an imperfect world, and leaders are left with a whole host of imperfect choices as they attempt to guide their countries through the chaos that is caused by the extreme elements that are intent on killing people for no other reason than they are American, western, look at Mohammad cartoons, worship a god unlike theirs, dress different, or simply have a better life.

So when leftie college types are storming the ROTC buildings who is right and who are a fascists?

BTW...I particulary liked your long winded rant where you used every big word that you learned in public school...combined with your blind rage, you come across as truly Yoda like.

And...great job finding out the Earth data on Wikipedia...makes you look like a genius.

Stop by often...great fun for us.